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Unpacking Ponoko

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Window Decoration

Received my first order from Ponoko, the designs are those I discussed in my previous entry about lasercutting. The designs are for a simple window-hanging and came out very well. Ponoko ships you the full sheet, not just the objects you design, which are first I thought was a waste of shipping, but the material is quite light and I don’t imagine it would be any cheaper to ship without the scrap included. Also the scrap material was good for testing stains/paint/etc on before potentially damaging your lasercut parts.

I didn't notice at first that there was a paper backing on both sides of the material, once I did it became much easier to separate my parts
Separating the parts and removing all the little pieces of cut bamboo showed off how intricate the cuts were, and how impossible it would have been to do by hand

It took a little time but eventually I got all the parts separated, all the parts were perfectly cut and symmetrical. One side of the material looked more ‘burnt’ than the other side, but my understanding is that this is soot, not burnt material, and can be cleaned off. I planned to paint my creation so aside from wiping it down to remove anything on the surface I didn’t really try to clean it up.

Hard to tell but this is all 6 of the objects stacked up in a single column

The final project will see the wood painted black with colored cellophane filling in each cell, the objects will be glued back to back, creating 3 final butterflies, and hung from fishing line. Currently in the process of painting.

First black coat of paint applied

I really want my own laser cutter.

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