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Superglue Does Not Work on Cellophane

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Superglue does not work on cellophane, not well anyways. Spent a number of frustrating hours finishing up my window decoration with little pieces that wouldn’t quite stick. I found it very important to rough up the surface of the wood before trying to glue anything at all, which I did with a small wood file. While I was doing that I carved a small vertical groove to run fishing line through.

Finished and unfinished side ready for assembly
Tools for the job, glue, cellophane, tweezers, lasercut butterfly

I started by using my original cutting document from the computer and filling in cells with colors until it looked right. I then one color at a time would lay down some glue and press a piece of cellophane over the glue. After some time, and with plenty of trial and error I would get it to stick well enough to then cut the cellophane away from where I didn’t need it.

Had a small issue with some of the glue getting onto the plastic and drying opaque white, but most of it came off fairly easily. I strung the 3 finished items onto a string for hanging.

If anyone’s interested in doing a similar project, here is the .eps file I sent to Ponoko for cutting.

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